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The Four Letter Word You Didn’t Know Your Customers Hated

In this global economy, there is always something for sale and multiple ways to buy.  If nothing is certain in this world, it is this; someone is always buying something!  People, businesses and governments are making purchases everyday in a number of different ways.  Commerce is what makes the world turn.  Trading, even at it’s simplest form, is the foundation of the world we live in.  You have something I want, therefore, in order for me to get it from you I have to have something you want.  Most times that something is money.  The great thing about money is this; I can get as much of it as I want because people will give it to me… If I give them something they want or need in return.  The amount of money I get is up to me based on how well I meet the customer’s need or desire.  I’m talking about selling!


People Buy From People They Like!

In sales meetings, Mr. Butler will ask his staff one simple question that sometimes will prove to be one of the most challenging questions that any client-side professional will ever face.  That question has been a source of debate for professionals across multiple disciplines, from the boardroom down to the sales floor, to the call center, to the receptionist, and even to delivery drivers.  That question is simply “What sets you apart from your competition?”


The Common Sense of Upselling

If you are in any type of business, chances are you sell something.  Whether it’s a product or service, you would not be in business if no one bought it from you.  Some people say that being in business is about making money.  Truthfully, being in business is about connecting with your clientele.  You may be a manufacturer, a distributor, a consultant or even an accountant.  It doesn’t matter what your business is, the fact is that you are in business because your company, product or service satisfies the needs or wants of a consumer.   The landscaper satisfies your need to keep a perfectly manicured lawn and your desire to not push a lawnmower.  The beautician satisfies your desire to keep a beautiful head of hair and the wig shop is there when you tick off the beautician and need time for your hair to grow back.


A Worthy Celebration!

Ray Butler, Sr

It is 12:30 pm on a Monday afternoon.  There is excitement in the air at the offices of Butler Business Products on the far Northwest side of Houston, TX.  The atmospheric is almost electric.   There is food on the table and a cake big enough to hide a Buick in (although to no one’s disappointment, there was not Buick in the cake).  All of the employees are there.  Vendors and customers are stopping by.  There is conversation and laughter everywhere.  So what is the big deal? 


On Monday, February 23rd, Ray Butler Sr. (Founder of Butler Business Products) turned 83 years old and there was indeed a celebration!   Eighty-three years of life is impressive in and of itself; however, equally as impressive as the life he lives is the business that he built.   In 1974, Mr. Butler opened the doors to Butler Business Products.  For over 40 years, Ray Butler, Sr. has run this business with the principle idea that the customer always comes first.  Hence, the company motto is “Yes We Can!” and in case you did not know, none of the employees are allowed to tell a customer no.  Mr. Butler has taken a unique approach to training his sales and service team.  For example, in sales meetings, he says, “Don’t worry about making money!  Just help the customer.  If you help the customer, you’ll make money!”  Anyone who has ever worked in business-to-business sales knows that most sales managers and business owners will tell you the opposite. Not Ray Butler, Sr.!  He talks loud, he means what he says, and he says it with a smile!


Loyalty or Lip Service?

What Your Customers Actually Think About You

If you are halfway good at what you do, and you can do it with a good attitude, chances are you can make your customers happy.  Regardless of what product or service you sell, you get new clients for one of two main reasons; 1) You have the lowest price at the time or 2) you have the best service and or reputation for what you do.  That could mean anything from customer service to delivery times to account management and follow-up.  In addition to that, there are two main WAYS that most businesses get customers; 1) through direct or indirect selling activities, and 2) from referrals from other clients.


Memorable Holiday Gifts that Remember Whatever You Tell It Not To Forget…

It is important to make a lasting impression on your clients and prospects at every opportunity.  When considering holiday gifts for busy executives, it is important to keep it practical.  Ideally, you should send them something that is a) branded with your company logo, b) something that can sit on the desk or hang on the wall and c) something they can use daily.  Why is this important?  Simple…  Every time they use this item, they see you company name and logo which makes your company top of mind.  Also, whenever someone walks into your client’s office, they will also see your logo. 


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