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5 Item Meg Always Has On Her Desk

Oh Hiya!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve found that stocking your desk is more difficult than it seems! There are so many gadgets that can make the work day easier, but you only have so much desk space! A cluttered desk is distracting, but you also don’t want to be running to the office supply closet every day. I’ve broken it down to 5 of my favorite items I always have on my desk!

Pens: Even if your job is mostly electronic, you always need to have pens handy! The BIC Comfort Grip Medium Point Round Stic Pens keep to the basics and allow you to jot down notes and scribbles whenever you need. I always try to keep at least 5 pens handy at my desk, in case I misplace one or in case a coworker accidentally walks away with one.

Post Its: Having a quick place to jot down notes or messages is vital at any desk. The Post-it Pop-up Cape Town Value Pack offers different sizes and colors to keep your notes organized and easy to read. Post its are perfect writing quick notes without wasting an entire piece of paper of notepad. They can also easily stick to relevant documents, your planner, or the backs of your coworkers.

Paperclips: Nothing is more important in an office than being organized. Paperclips keep all your relevant documents together without the need to staple and rip anything! The Business Source Paper Clip pack loads you and your entire staff up with paperclips for all your vital documents.

Binders: Organize even further with binders like the Avery Blue Circle Cover Designer View Binder. Binders help organization because they can hold all your relevant documents and be easily labeled and stored. I always keep one or two empty binders in my desk in case there is a new project that falls in my lap.

Batteries: We always need power! Batteries are always the hardest supply to find in the closet, so I make sure to always keep them handy in my desk. Practically everything requires batteries now a days and work simply cannot function if our technology is dead. The Energizer AA Size Alkaline General Purpose Battery pack will load you up so you will always have power in a pinch!

So stock up your desk with these 5 office essentials and be extra productive!

Until next time,


Office Resolutions

Oh Hiya!

Meg here, with some easy ideas to take your work day from dull to down right super. Your job may not be the most exciting part of your day, but these workplace resolutions will go a long way to brightening your office outlook.

  • Learn Something New - Don’t take for granted all the exciting work your company does! Take an active part in learning something new about your workplace and you’ll be surprised at how much more exciting your job can be. Whether you take a minute to chat with a co-worker about their task list or read up on the recent happenings, staying in the loop keeps you motivated to do your best.

  • Sit Up- Sitting for 8 hours in a day can really wear on a body, leaving you feeling exhausted at the end of the day. To combat that sleepy feeling that comes right around 3:00, I’ve decided to stand up and stretch it out. I’m working on taking a short break every hour to give myself a little time to breathe and re-energize. Whether you take a quick walk to the water cooler or take a minute to stand up at your desk, you’ll notice a difference.

  • Keep It Clean- Nothing decreases my productivity than a messy workspace. It’s so easy to get distracted in the piles of paper and notes that I simply forget my to-do list. I’m working on staying organized and taking time to neaten up my desk before I head home at night. A neat desk in the morning leads to a successful day!

  • Stop Slumping- As the day goes on, I’ve found that my posture starts to droop as well. When I get up to take a little stretch during the day, I’ve found that my posture improves when I sit back down. Getting two things done at once is a great way to improve productivity!

  • Positive Notes- Take a minute to jot down a little note about a positive thing that happened during the day. It can be big or small, from drinking an extra glass of water to checking that big project off your to-do list. Then, at the end of the week take a look at all the wonderful things you’ve accomplished. You’ll be smiling in no time!

    These resolutions are sure to put a smile on your face during your workday. Have a great month everyone!
  • Work Place Wellness

    Oh Hiya!

    It’s a new year, and that means it’s time to prepare 365 more days of hard work (366 since 2016 is a leap year)!

    Avoid all of those nasty sicknesses by practicing workplace wellness and cleanliness. Keeping your office clean not only keeps germs away, but also keeps you focused and productive. Here are some helpful tips for staying clean and organized this year!

    Declutter: The “messy bed, messy head” theory works here, as well! If your desk is full of random papers and tools, it’s time to send them to their proper home. Papers should be properly organized with folder, desk organizers and filing systems; they could even be scanned in and saved electronically! Once a document has served its purpose or been properly filed digitally, don’t let it linger. The Fellowes Powershred 62MC Micro-Cut Shredder is perfect for any office needing to declutter!

    Sanitize: Once you know exactly which documents are hanging around and which are shredded, it’s time to get rid of those germs, too! It is important to wipe down your office every couple of months, especially during cold and flu season. I recommend using the Marcal U-size-It Paper Towels to catch those little buggers and stay healthy throughout the year!

    Be Proactive: Set up precautions in your office to stay clean and organized for the entire year! This is not another resolution to give up on! Stock up on trash bags, tissues and hand sanitizer to keep the messiness at bay. The Fellowes MobilePro Keyboard/Cover Case is perfect for keeping crumbs and germs out of your keyboard. The cover is easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about ruining your iPad!

    If you can declutter, sanitize and be proactive, your 2016 should just swell!

    Until next time,


    Say Goodbye To Your Messy Desk

    Oh Hiya! Meg here, to talk about keeping your office organized! Nothing is worse for productivity than a messy workspace. I know better than anyone how hard it is to get started organizing when you’re looking at a mess, but with these tips I promise you’ll be motivated to get tidy in no time!

    Toss It Out- it’s so easy to keep to-do lists, old documents and papers, and even knickknacks for far too long. Take some time to go through the papers, files, and lists on your desk to sort through what you need to keep and what can be tossed out. You’d be surprised at how much neater your space can look after a good deep clean!

    Check that Schedule- I’ve found myself writing one too many sticky notes with dates and times for important meetings. Pretty soon, I’ve run out of free space at my desk! Take care of those sticky notes in a snap with this adorable At-A-Glance Monthly Desk Pad Calendar (AAGDMD16632). Of course, I picked out the one with the adorable puppies for my desk.

    Desktop Redesign- Chances are, it’s been a while since you’ve reorganized your desktop. Take a minute to re-organize, and redesign if you will, your desk. Switch things around to create a space that feels new and you’ll be motivated to keep it looking great. I’ve just put a new organizer, the Bankers Box Stor/Drawer Steel Plus (FEL-00311), on my desk to store my mail and loose papers and it’s made such a difference!

    Don’t Forget the Drawers- It’s easy to focus on the surface and forget about the drawers at your desk. This is a full cleaning of your space, so buckle down and sort through your drawers. It can help to use drawer organizers to keep wayward paperclips, staples, and sticky notes in their place.

    Keep a List- Keep a single list of all the things you have to do each day. Whether it’s a notepad or a single sheet of paper, you’ll stay organized and on task when you have a list and a neat desk. I’ve found I’m more motivated to jot down a note if I have a smooth writing pen, like the MR Gel Ink Pen, from the Animal Collection (PIL91234). I chose the White Tiger print, to add some pizzazz to my pen!

    Now it’s time to congratulate yourself! Organizing your workspace is no easy feat, but after you’ve conquered this list, I’m confident you can take on anything. Enjoy your new workspace and remember; a clean desk is a productive desk.

    Get Organized: Make 2016 The Year Of The Filing Cabinet!

    Oh Hiya! Meg here, and I’ve decided that this upcoming 2016 year will be the year of the filing cabinet. Filing plays a big role in office productivity and this is the year to take a good look at your system.

  • Desktop Revamp- If you’re anything like me, you keep a few too many files sitting out on your desk. I have to remind myself that they make filing cabinets for a reason! I start my filing reorganization with my desk and work my way out.

  • Divide and Conquer- Take a look at those files you’ve found on your desk and sort them out. Some of them may need to be worked through immediately and some may have a longer deadline. Sort the files into separate files with clearly marked deadlines to keep you organized and on task!

  • Label It- After you sort the files label them! Everyone has different organizational techniques so take some time to figure out a smooth system that works for you. Try to keep it simple; more complicated systems tend to get too extensive and you won’t be as motivated to stay organized.

  • Find a Filing Cabinet- I can’t tell you how much my system improved after I upgraded to a HON-694LP cabinet. Gone are the days of struggling with file drawers and squeaky hinges. It’s easy to stay organized when I have such a sleek cabinet to hold all my files!

    Congratulations, you’ve conquered the file cabinet! Your new filing system will make that everyday, humdrum task of filing into the easiest thing you’ll do all day.
  • Think Big, Shop Small

    Well, it is that time of year again.  The holiday shopping season has officially begun, and with an obvious bang.  Anyone who is old enough to remember Christmas shopping prior to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze also remembers that the traditional shopping season did not start until the after Thanksgiving.  With the holidays being so commercialized now, and big box retailers and ecommerce retailers alike competing for more of your business, it is not surprising that in recent years we have seen Christmas sales begin in October.  Mix in the low gas prices and higher consumer confidence to fuel the fire of holiday shopping and the big box stores, websites and even shipping companies are riding this blaze of glory all the way to the bank.  2015 was obviously and amazing year for holiday sales, which is good for Wall Street and good for our economy.


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