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Add Color to the Office

Oh Hiya!

Meg here, and summer is swiftly approaching! When the sun is shining and the flowers are blooming we all want to bring an extra burst of color into the office as well. Here are some of my favorite creative ways to bring a little pop of color to any office space.

An easy way to brighten up any space is to start by organizing. Start the process by neatening up your desk and taking care of the clutter. It’s a quick step to start opening up desk space and it will serve a dual purpose of keeping you organized and prepared. If you find you need a few more organizers, look for bright colors to keep your things neat and in style. Once your desk is open and clear of clutter you can start adding in some other bright décor!

I just love my Scotch Flower Tape Dispenser. It brings the perfect sunshine cheer to my office space and it looks so much cuter than a plain dispenser. Why not bring a little personality to your office supplies? While you’re switching out your plain tape dispenser, trade out your stapler as well. My Leitz 5504 Full-strip Stapler is another excuse to show off some color. I have the bright orange stapler but they come in so many cute colors that you can match to almost any office theme!

It may seem like a small step, but I like to switch my coffee mug every so often. Whether you crave a caffeinated cup of joe or prefer to sip hot tea in the morning, a bright new mug or tumbler can bring a smile to your face while you check your morning email. Pick one with an eye-catching design or pick-me up quote and you’ll have a great conversation starter as well.

Sometimes my black pens can be a bit dull when writing notes so I like to bring some color to each meeting with my Zebra Zebra Z-Grip Basics LV Ballpoint Stick Pen. I love the pop of blue ink, it makes my to-do list so much more exciting. Whatever color you prefer, spring is the perfect time to switch out your every day pens for some brighter shades.

Do you have any photos on your desk? Take a tip from home design and change out the frames around the pictures for the new season. It’ll give your beloved photos new life and bring some bright personality to your workspace. You can also use this time to switch out the photos or bring in a few more! Another easy idea is to exchange the frames for cute decorative tape and make a little gallery wall. What better way to show off your personality?

With summer coming up right around the corner, now is the perfect time for a little desk redecorating. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change or just want a little extra spring color, our list has got you covered. You can check out our full range of office and desk items on our website. If you’d like a little more visual inspiration for your spring desk decorating check out these adorable ideas.

Until next time,


My Favorite Ways to Use Post It Notes

Oh, Hiya!

Meg here, sharing a little creative inspiration for your office. I just can’t get enough of post-it notes. They can be used for so many things, from organization and note keeping to decorating. My favorite post-it notes are these adorable Marseille Collection notes. The colors are so cheery that I just can’t help but smile when I see them. These are just a few cute ideas for using post-it notes in your space!

• Post It Note Calendar- You might already have a desk calendar but you can easily add a little fun to your desk with this adorable post it note calendar! It’s such a cute way to keep track of your schedule, and when a day passes, you can take the post-it note down. This idea also works really well for any countdowns you might have. I love using them to count down to holidays and birthdays.

• Pinwheels- What a cute way to decorate! These adorable pinwheels are so simple to make and they bring just the right amount of cheer to your desk.

• Ornaments- Christmas may have passed but I think these adorable ornaments can be hung up all year around. They look just like spring to me!

• Goal List- This daily goal board is so cute. The tutorial is a little big for a desk, but you can easily create a little goal board that fits right in your office. It’s such a nice way to keep your daily and weekly goals up to date and easily visible.

I hope these Post-It Note ideas got you inspired to make a post-it note project of your own. Send me your favorite ways to use post-it notes!

Until next time,

Celebrate Earth Day

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and did you know Earth Day is coming right up on April 22nd? We just love celebrating this beautiful world we live in. Earth day may be just one day out of the year, but helping the environment should happen every day! Even the office supplies you use can cut down on your waste and carbon footprint. Check out some of my favorite items and tips for keeping green:

Brown Bag It: Bringing your own lunch each day in reusable containers is a great way to not only stay green in the office but also save some green of your own! Even if it’s called a brown bag lunch, you can keep the environment in mind and use a cute lunchbox instead of paper bag each day.

Recycle: You guessed it! Recycling is one of the best ways to keep your office more environmentally minded. I’m sure your team is already great about recycling, but step it up a notch this year and work on recycling everything you can including plastics, paper, cardboard, and glass.

Use Recycled Materials: I try to cut back on using paper products but sometimes a sticky note is the best thing for the job. I love these Post-it® Notes Super Sticky Recycled Notes. They come in such cute colors and they’re made from recycled paper; nothing better than that!

Cleaning Products: Every office needs to be spring cleaned but it’s a great idea to keep the environment in mind when tidying up. By using green products you’ll have a sparkling office and a sparkling conscience. I use the Green Works® Compostable Cleaning Wipes when I’m cleaning. I love that they’re compostable and the fresh scent is easy on the nose as well!

Reuse: There are so many opportunities to reuse supplies in an office! Rather than writing out ideas or a to-do list on paper, I like to use a dry erase board. When I’m finished with a list or project, I can simply wipe it away and reuse the surface. I also prefer to use paper clips instead of staples for organizing documents on my desk. Paper clips are not only reusable but they come in so many cute styles and patterns too.

Green Technology: I’ve been guilty of being an energy hog in my office! When it comes to making the office greener, it’s so easy to overlook technology. A great idea for keeping energy levels low is to set your computer to sleep or hibernate mode when you’re away. A dark screen will save more energy than a screen saver. Another idea is to turn off the overhead lights. This works great if you work in an office with quite a bit of natural light. Not only will you save on energy usage, you’ll have the added benefit of extra sunshine!

Earth Day is a great time to take a little extra care in celebrating our planet, but with these easy tips you can take care of the environment every day! If you’re looking for a few more ways to keep your office green, take a look at THESE ideas.

Until next time,


Five Essentials for Spring Cleaning Your Office

Oh Hiya!

Meg here, and don’t you know it, the snow is melting away and we’re starting to see the very first signs of spring. Believe it or not, one of my favorite parts of the spring season is the chance to get a fresh start in my office. I love to clear away the clutter of winter and have a fresh, clean desk to go right along with the new season. To get you in the spirit of spring cleaning, I’ll let you in on my five secrets and essentials for office cleaning!

• Start Fresh- It’s hard to complete a full spring cleaning with half a mess on your desk. I always start my cleaning with a clear desk, tossing out the old coffee cups and papers that seem to pile up without warning.

• Disinfect the Desk- Say goodbye to all those winter germs! I love these Lysol Disinfecting Wipes for wiping down all my work surfaces. The container takes up no space at all in my desk drawer and they work so well. Grab some for your desk.

• Downsize the Clutter- Remember all that junk you cleared off your desk in the beginning? Time to tackle it! Take a good, hard look at everything and only keep the things you’ll need every day out in the open. Organize the rest in files and throw out the things that won’t be needed.

• Junk Drawer No More- You know the drawer I’m talking about! It’s got all your loose paper clips and pens that have a tiny bit of ink left in them. Well, spring is the best time to clear it all out. I have a few in-drawer organizers that really keep things in their place and I recommend finding an organization system that works for you.

• Bring Spring In- My favorite part of spring cleaning my desk is bringing in a little outdoor cheer to my space. Bring in a cute flower or plant to brighten up your desk. Whether it’s real or artificial, a little color will do wonders for your work space!

These spring cleaning secrets and essentials will turn your wintery desk into a pretty spring space!

Until next time,

Crunching for Tax Season!

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and if you’re anything like me, you’ve waited for the very last minute to put together your tax information. Thank goodness I have all the supplies I need in order to make this process quick and painless. When it comes to filing a bit late, these steps and tips are great to keep in mind:

• Stay Organized: Nothing is worse than dealing with a mess when you’re filing in a rush! To keep my timeline on track and keep my files in a row, I use Avery® Easy Align Self-Laminating ID Labels. These labels are so quick and easy to print and place that my files are nearly never out of order!

• Speak Up: If you have a question or are unsure about something in the documentation or requirements, ask. I think it’s so important to understand the ins and outs of filing taxes and I won’t hesitate to ask if something is a bit confusing. Better to ask and know than guess and make a mistake!

• Check it Twice: Even when you’re in a bit of a hurry it pays to be sure your numbers are on track and in the right order. I always trust my HP 12C Financial Calculator. This trusty mathematic companion has never steered me wrong.

• Keep It or Shred It: It’s important to keep important tax forms after you file, but some of your other sensitive documents can be disposed of safely. I use the Fellowes® Powershred 455Ms Micro-Cut Shredder for my remaining files. But before you shred, always double (and triple) check that you are keeping the correct files.

• Send it: When it comes to sending off the final forms and documents, you want to be certain that your documents are secure when they’re in the mail. My favorite envelopes are these Quality Park™ Bagasse Sugarcane Envelope. When I send off my documents I want to be sure that they’ll be safe on their course.

• Go Digital: I know most of my tips are for filing through paper documents but I’m a bit old-fashioned when it comes to filing! It can be quite easy to e-file your taxes using a digital program. You’ll be able to upload all your important documents to your computer and there’s plenty of helpful prompts to keep you moving in the right direction and filing correctly.

• Relax- This is my favorite step of all! After I’ve sent off every document and form, cleared my desk, and organized and filed away all the extra papers, it’s time to take a break. Whether you’ve filed through the mail or used an e-filing program, you can congratulate yourself on a job well done!

I hope these tips help you stay organized and on track while filing your taxes. For more tips you can take a look HERE. If you’ve already finished filing, I congratulate you!

Until next time,


To Sit or To Stand: The Great Debate

Oh Hiya!

Meg here with a few tips on staying healthy and balanced at work. With the holidays past and the first strains of spring in sight, it’s a great time to bump up your work routine. Snap out the winter slump by boosting your activity at work. With these great healthy ideas, you’ll be boosting not only your health but also your productivity.

Standing desks are a great alternative to sitting in a chair during the work day, but the action can’t stop there! Studies show that while standing during the day gives you a healthy boost, it’s also necessary to bring in other ways to get your blood pumping.

One of my favorite ways to get moving at my desk is this Victor Steppie Balance Board. It improves my balance and posture while I’m working without distracting me. I also love how little space it takes up; I can just slide it under my desk when I leave the office. If you have a little more room around your space, a treadmill desk is another great option. They may be a bit bigger but they really allow you to be active while working.

No matter what you choose to do, the most important thing is getting up and getting active!

Until next time,

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