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Ways to Go "Back to School" in the Office

Oh Hiya,

Meg here! Fall will always hold a special back to school excitement for me; no matter how long it’s been since I walked through those hallways. Even if you’re no longer in school, fall can still bring the start of new things. These are some of my favorite ways to put a little joy into the back to school season.

When was the last time you bought back to school supplies for yourself? Fall is the perfect time to update your supplies while taking advantage of some great sales. I’ve already started a list! This fall I’ll be stocking up on 3M Yellow Note Pads and a new Swingline Desk Stapler. Nothing like some new desk accessories and supplies to get you in the spirit!

One of my favorite things about starting a new school year was the opportunity to meet new friends. Grab a few office friends and join a club or pull together a team to play in a local sports league. It’s a great way to get to know your office-mates outside of work while exploring a new hobby or staying active.

I used to always look forward to decorating my locker for the new school year. Now I look forward to sprucing up my desk with a few new accessories! This season I’m brightening up my desk with a new HON task chair. I’ve also had my eye on a cute new desk plant to bring a little more color to my space. There are so many options to update your office and these ideas from Porch are just perfect.

Back to school excitement shouldn’t go away now that you’re out of school! There are so many ways to celebrate the season, big or small.

Until next time,

Make Those Little Tasks Even Easier

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and I know that if I find any opportunity to save some time, I jump on it. There are plenty of little tasks that can be cut down in the office, allowing you to put your time and effort toward larger, more important projects.

• Start with a priority list! My day goes along so smoothly when I spend a couple of minutes in the morning organizing my to-do list. While not every day follows right along with the list, I can save myself some time by keeping on track of the main projects that need to be completed throughout the day.

• If your job is anything like mine, you have quite a bit of mail to send out during the day. All that time spent preparing envelopes for the post office really takes a toll on my day. I’ve started using this neat Envelope Moistener with Adhesive to quickly seal the envelopes I need to send. I also try to set aside time in my day to just focus on mail rather than taking several trips to the post office box.

• Some days it seems that I spend most of my time at the paper shredder! But since we’ve put an Auto Feed Shredder in our office I’ve been able to save so much time. All I need to do is put the papers on the tray and the shredder does the rest of the work for me. It’s so nifty!

• A tidy desk is a time saving desk! At the end of the day I take a few minutes to clean up my desk and prepare for the next day. I love starting out my day with a clean desk instead of spending time neatening up a mess from the day before. It’s so much easier to start fresh and be prepared for the day ahead of me.

• Every minute saved counts, which is why I use Print-On Dividers! I can prepare the documents on my computer then just send them to print on the dividers directly, without needing to spend time filling out labels. It’s one of the simplest and biggest time savers I have.

These time saving tips are great for helping you stay on task without overworking yourself or filling your schedule with extra chores! For more great ways to save yourself time and worry in the office, take a look HERE.

Till next time, Meg

Recharge the Office

Oh Hiya,

Meg here and I know how tough it can be to stay energized throughout the day. You may not know it from my cheery disposition, but there are times when it’s downright difficult to stay focused on the task at hand when you’d really like a nap. Some days it even seems like my office supplies are feeling a little drowsy. Here are five ways I keep myself (and my electronics) buzzing with energy:

  1. Morning Caffeine Break- I love to start my day with a cup of coffee and my absolute favorite is Starbucks Breakfast Blend Coffee. I always make sure to keep a supply in the breakroom for those mornings when I can’t seem to wake up. A nice cup of coffee always does the trick!

  1. Light it Up- I always have found that sitting near a window is a great way to stay focused throughout the day. The natural light coming through keeps me wide awake and working away. For those times that you’re not able to grab some natural light, I recommend a desk lamp with a warm, bright light.

  1. Take a Walk- Sometimes sitting at a desk can be a drain on your energy. When it seems like you’ve hit an exhaustion wall get up and take a walk! Not only will you get a little exercise, you’ll come back to your desk refreshed and invigorated.

  1. Stop Battery Drain- There are some days when even my electronics seem to be lacking energy. I make sure that I have a few extra sets of Energizer Alkaline Batteries tucked away in my desk. You never know when your batteries will decide to take a break and it’s a good idea to be prepared.

  1. Turn up the Tunes- One of my favorite ways to reenergize is by listening to some up-tempo music. If your office allows you to listen to music with headphones or on a radio, I highly recommend it. Nothing gives me focus like one of my favorite playlists. Just make sure you’re focused on your work and not dancing!

I sure hope these tips will come in handy the next time you’re feeling an energy drain in the office. For more ideas on keeping your peepers open all day long, take a look HERE.

Until next time,

Must-Have Computer Accessories

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and I’ve noticed that almost all jobs now require computers, and many of you spend all day behind a screen. In order to make those days easier and more productive, there are a couple of tools for optimizing work on a computer and at your desk.

1. An adjustable monitor stand is a must for me! Simply setting your monitor on your desk will likely put it at an angle that could strain your neck or eyes. With an adjustable stand you’ll be able to keep your monitor at a level that’s comfortable for you!

2. I can’t start my day without my coffee but I’m always a bit worried about spilling it all over my desk. Make sure your daily cup (or cups) stay safely away from your computer and keyboard with a spill proof coffee mug. These are a few of my favorite heavy duty travel mugs.

3. I do love technology but it can be such a headache keeping all the cords and cables organized and in their place. I’m a big fan of cable clips, especially the bright ones! They can attach to almost every surface at your desk and they come in all different colors to help you keep track of which cord is which. Here’s a great list of cable organizer and clips to keep all your cords in order and organized.

4. Do you have a problem with dust at your desk? Keep your keyboard clean a keyboard dusters or cleaner. Not only will your keyboard look like new, clearing out the dust and stray crumbs will keep it in ship shape working order.

5. Clear up some space on your desk with a Performance Mouse. Not only will you say goodbye to your mouse pad, you’ll be able to work on nearly every surface with this mouse. It’s so much more comfortable to use than a traditional mouse!

6. My phone always seems to have a low battery when I’m working away from my desk and chargers, so I always make sure to keep a portable battery in my bag. Be sure to look for one with multiple charging ports in case a friend needs to charge their phone as well. Sharing is caring!

I hope these tools and gadgets are useful in keeping your desk in the best working order!

Until next time, Meg

Revamp Your Note Taking

Oh Hiya!

Meg here and I know better than most that note taking can be monotonous and not always effective. There are so many different styles of note taking for different situations, which can ensure that your notes are useful. Here’s a short list of every day office meetings and my favorite ways to take notes for each of them:

  • The Brainstorming Meeting: In a meeting where there will lots of participation and idea building, it’s important that each member of the team is up to date. I always use a dry erase board so ideas can be quickly written down and visible to each team member. We don’t always hold these meetings in the same room so I like to use the Total Erase Reversible Mobile Easel. It’s so easy to move around the office and it’s big enough that we can fit every idea from our meeting on the board with space to spare.
  • The Board Meeting: In a large meeting like a board meeting, I usually volunteer to take notes which are later handed out to everyone. In times like this, I need to make sure that my notes are clearly written so everyone can make sense of them when taking a second look. To make sure my notes are clear and legible, I use my Fine Tip Permanent Marker. It writes so smoothly and I’m never left guessing what letters or numbers I wrote in a hurry.
  • The Team Meeting: Usually when our team gets together we run through a quick weekly recap of our to-do lists and upcoming projects. The notes I take in these meetings are purely for my own use so I like to jot them down on my American Pride Legal Pad. I can easily keep track of what projects are coming up and what revisions need to be made on current assignments. The legal pad is just the right size to fit all my notes without being too cramped.

Taking notes is a necessary part of office life, but I’ve found it’s made much easier when you have the proper tools for note taking. I hope my list helps you to keep neater notes for every meeting you have on your schedule. For a few more handy tips for note taking take a look HERE.

Until next time,

New Hires? No Problem!

Oh Hiya,

Meg here to talk to you about how to get your new employees right on track with the company. Every office has new hires and all new hires are a little lost when it comes to the company “best practices”. Make it as easy on them as you can and keep their desks fully stocked with all the essentials guidelines and documents.

We’ve all been there before as the new employee at a company. It’s intimidating to think of all the new things you’ll need to get under your belt to keep up with the other employees. With this guide, you’ll be welcoming new hires and giving them a great toolkit to start their career at your company while staying environmentally conscious.

• Print it out- New employees may have take some notes at orientation but it’s so helpful to have a day to day outline guide and frequently asked questions. You can never be too prepared when hiring new employees and I always make sure our team is ready to print extra guides with printer paper. When it comes to the new hire process it’s better to be well stocked and prepared to make a great impression. Make sure you use a double sided print function to save paper!

• Re-Use- While a guide to a company can be helpful, after an employee gets to know the ropes of the company it’s not quite as useful. A new employee handbook can get lost in the back of a desk drawer and sometimes even thrown away! We laminate our guides with laminator so we’re able to reuse them for new hires throughout the year. Not only is it much more professional to hand out a laminated guide, we can save on paper waste and clutter as well.

• Organize it- When it comes to orientation for a new employee there can be an overwhelming amount of documents. To keep our best practices guide separate from the rest, we keep it in a file folder. It’s so much easier for an employee to keep track of a file rather than a stack of papers during the busy first days at a company.

A new transition to a company can be a busy time for a new employee, but it can be made easier with a well organized best practices guide! It’s also a great idea to make sure you’re making new employees feel as welcome as possible. This article has some great tips for welcoming new members and making them feel a part of the team.

Until next time,

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