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A Worthy Celebration!

Ray Butler, Sr

It is 12:30 pm on a Monday afternoon.  There is excitement in the air at the offices of Butler Business Products on the far Northwest side of Houston, TX.  The atmospheric is almost electric.   There is food on the table and a cake big enough to hide a Buick in (although to no one’s disappointment, there was not Buick in the cake).  All of the employees are there.  Vendors and customers are stopping by.  There is conversation and laughter everywhere.  So what is the big deal? 


On Monday, February 23rd, Ray Butler Sr. (Founder of Butler Business Products) turned 83 years old and there was indeed a celebration!   Eighty-three years of life is impressive in and of itself; however, equally as impressive as the life he lives is the business that he built.   In 1974, Mr. Butler opened the doors to Butler Business Products.  For over 40 years, Ray Butler, Sr. has run this business with the principle idea that the customer always comes first.  Hence, the company motto is “Yes We Can!” and in case you did not know, none of the employees are allowed to tell a customer no.  Mr. Butler has taken a unique approach to training his sales and service team.  For example, in sales meetings, he says, “Don’t worry about making money!  Just help the customer.  If you help the customer, you’ll make money!”  Anyone who has ever worked in business-to-business sales knows that most sales managers and business owners will tell you the opposite. Not Ray Butler, Sr.!  He talks loud, he means what he says, and he says it with a smile!

Although Mr. Butler is preparing for retirement, he is still very active and very productive!  At 83 years of age, after over 40 years of being in business, after children and grandchildren, Mr. Butler still managers his own clientele.  Just like any other member of the sales staff, Mr. Butler visits his customers, solves their problems and works hard to make sure that the customer is happy.  Not only is he still very much involved in selling and customer service, but he also deals directly with the suppliers.  His customers and vendors love his just as much as his employees do.

Without question, there is no finer example of how to build relationships and run a business than the example provided by Mr. Ray Butler, Sr. 


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