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Memorable Holiday Gifts that Remember Whatever You Tell It Not To Forget…

It is important to make a lasting impression on your clients and prospects at every opportunity.  When considering holiday gifts for busy executives, it is important to keep it practical.  Ideally, you should send them something that is a) branded with your company logo, b) something that can sit on the desk or hang on the wall and c) something they can use daily.  Why is this important?  Simple…  Every time they use this item, they see you company name and logo which makes your company top of mind.  Also, whenever someone walks into your client’s office, they will also see your logo. 

Why not consider this Executive Memory Gift Set?  This three piece set includes a USB flash drive in 1GB executive business card case, and Oxford roller ball. The USB flash drive is compatible with Windows 98 or above and Mac OSX and higher. Pen includes standard European black roller ball ink cartridge. Business card case holds up to 20 business cards.

What executive do you know that could not use a really nice pen, and USB drive?  The business card case is just another bonus.  As it is branded with your company logo or message, it is automatic advertising every time your client pulls it out to hand out a business card.  It is truly the gift that keeps giving.  It may even give you some new business opportunities!

Let’s take it a step further; What if you preloaded the USB drive with a video thanking them for their business?  I believe that would be incredibly impactful; particularly if you put a handwritten note on the drive labeled “Plug Me In” and labeled your file “Click Me”.  How about a brief PowerPoint slideshow highlighting new business opportunities for them or possible ways to help them save money in the New Year?  Try using this to highlight new products or services that your clients or prospects could benefit from and offer them a discount. 

Business revolves around sales and customer service.  Companies do not grow without new business opportunities.  Try this with your sales teams.  Have them send out a few to some of your top tier prospects as a way to get a meeting.  The possibilities are endless.

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