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Top 5 Office Essentials to Keep at Your Desk in Case of Emergency

#5 - A Big Bag of Snacks

From time to time you may get bogged down with work and you have to skip lunch.  Occasionally, you may even be running late in the morning and can’t grab breakfast.  Keeping snacks in your desk drawer will come in handy for such a time as this.  However, the main reason to keep snacks in your desk drawer is more important than your appetite.  The main reason to keep snacks in your desk drawer is (drum roll please) to protect the feelings of your coworkers when you have a pot luck lunch!  There are subtle ways to spit out that big bite of green bean casserole.  There are subtle ways to trash a plate of extra dry turkey with humus gravy. (Who knew?)  There is, however, no subtle way to tell your coworker that their dish tastes like shoe leather dipped in fountain pen ink.  Save your coworkers that heartache and politely excuse yourself.  When you get back to your desk, you can indulge as much as you want.  We deliver same day if needed.  Order yourself some snacks right now!

#4 – Facial Tissue

You probably already have a box of tissue at your desk.  We are, after all, transitioning from allergy season to flu season so tissue is common.  More importantly than that, not all of your coworkers are as polite as you.  This means that the person who served the extra dry turkey with the humus gravy is going to show up in your office crying because someone dissed their dish.  You, being prepared for any emergency, can hand them a box of tissues, tell them how much you enjoyed the uniqueness of their recipe and send them on their way.  Now get back to your big bag of snacks and order yourself another box of tissues!

#3 – Pump Action Mouthwash

I know you have mints.  I know you have gum.  I know you take your oral hygiene very serious.  There are times when mints and gum just won’t do it.  Keep in mind what you just ate at the pot luck lunch.  Think shoe leather and fountain pen ink.  On top of that, you just found out that your most important client is in the lobby and they want to speak to you right away.  The last thing you need is to put your client in a coma because they inhaled your pot luck lunch breath, passed out and hit their head on the oversized planter in the lobby.  Don’t put your client in a coma!  Order yourself some pump action mouthwash today!

#2 – An Energy Drink with a Side of Coffee

So far, it’s been a pretty weird day but it’s not over yet.  You’ve successfully saved you taste buds and stomach, you’ve saved your coworkers feelings, you’ve saved your client from a coma, but you still have more work to do.  Remember that client that you just rescued from a bad breath coma?  Well the reason he decided to visit was to bring you 2 weeks’ worth of revisions that he wants in 2 days.  Say goodbye to lunch breaks and happy hour.  Reach into your emergency drawer and grab yourself a refreshing drink and get pumped up for Mission Impossible: The Office Edition!   By the way, if you’re out you can order more here.

#1 – A Picture Frame Filled with Love

We all have rough days.  Some worse than other, but we take the good with the bad because we are warriors!  When the going gets rough, look at that photo on your desk of your loved ones and remember why you work so hard.  After the bad pot luck lunches, after the demanding bosses and clients, after the office is closed, all we have is our friends and family.  They need you to stay focused and encouraged.  Keep them close at all times with our great selection of picture frames.  You can get one here!

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