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At Work? Fidget!

You've heard of "whistle while you work". Today, fidget while you work. From an article at HR REVIEW dated May 20. 2014, if you cannot get up from your desk to walk, and there is no stand up-sit down desk option, you need to wiggle. Sitting quietly for long periods of time, can cause major health issues. We've talked about the importance of a proper work station chair. You have a good understanding of what to look for.


On-Boarding Dos and Don’ts

Oh Hiya,

Meg here! I think bringing a new client to our company is one of the most exciting times to be a part of the team. Of course, it takes an awful lot of work and planning, but it’s one of the most rewarding parts of a job. Here are a few of my best tips for meeting with a prospective client and how to get them hooked on your business:

  •         DO Listen: Pay attention to exactly what it is that the client is looking for from your company. Each client will be looking for something unique, which means that you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of what your company has to offer. Listen for the issues, take notes, and provide solutions! I can always count on my trusty notepad and BIC Ballpoint Pen for keeping notes during prospective client meetings.

  •         DON’T Generalize: A quick way to turn a client away from your company is preparing a one-size-fits-all solution. Be sure that you’ve taken the time to fully assess what you can offer the client for their unique needs and tailor your proposal to them as much as possible.

  •         DO Problem Solve: Take time to meet with your team and plan a detailed solution for your client that fits your skill sets. Keep your team, and yourself, in check when it comes to providing solutions and be sure that you can deliver work you’re proud of. I’ve found that our clients appreciate having a solution in-hand, so my team puts together our proposals with our Swingline Manual Binding Machine. It allows us to organize a professional outline and our clients always leave the meeting impressed.

  •         DON’T Promise the Moon: On the other side of creating a thorough solution is over-promising. When bringing on a new client, it’s easy to promise the moon from your team. Be sure that your solutions are realistic in both the end goal and the timeline.

  •         DO Communicate: Do your best to make yourself open to client communication during onboarding. Your future client wants to know that even after they’ve signed on with you, you’ll be open to answering any questions or concerns. Stay in contact and you’ll have a lifelong client!

  •         DON’T Overwhelm: While open communication is wonderful, it can easily overwhelm a client when you offer up a daily email or phone call. Stay open and available, but keep yourself in check when it comes to checking in.

Of course, these tips aren’t a complete guide to onboarding a prospective client! One of the best guides that I’ve found for this process is from Hubspot. It’s full of wonderful tips for staying on track with a client throughout onboarding. Take a look here.

Until next time,

The Year of the Chair, Part 2

We began this conversation by discussing, how important your office chair is to your over-all well-being and health.   As promised, here are some indicators that you may have bad posture or a bad chair from Clear Design’s, “ How the Wrong Houston Office Chair Will Ruin Your Workday”.

Loss of Concentration
It is hard to concentrate on doing your job when you are uncomfortable at your desk. The wrong office chair does not give you the proper support you need to keep your back, neck, arms and shoulders aligned in a comfortable position. This can lead to stabbing pains between your shoulder blades, a crick in your neck and a pulsating ache in your lower back that keep you from concentrating on the job at hand.

Office Workplace Injuries
Poorly designed office chairs cause some of the most common injuries in the workplace. Carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain and spinal problems can all be linked to office chairs that are not doing their job to support your body. Nothing will ruin your workday quicker than needing to leave to visit the doctor for a workplace injury. It is also a very expensive alternative to investing in ergonomic office chairs that can prevent many of these workplace injuries.”

Time Missed From Work
Is your office chair making you sick? While it may not give you the flu, an uncomfortable chair can lead to aches and pains that keep you awake at night. Before you know it, you are feeling tired and rundown, leaving you susceptible to illness. Having the wrong office chair can lead to more time missed from work, costing much more in benefits and lost productivity than the purchase of a new office chair.

It is becoming more and more excepted in the workplace that bad sitting posture and bad chairs put unnecessary strain on the lower back muscles, causing pain that can become chronic if not treated. This has helped to spark the emergence of the stand-up desk and other ergonomic workplace innovations. In a 2009 interview with British news and editorial website INDEPENDENT, Dr. John Challenor of the Society of Occupational Medicine suggests “Most organizations should assess their employees' workstations and be able to advise whether they are set up correctly. If they are not, it can cause visual, muscular or skeletal strain.”

"A chair adjusted for a 4ft 9in employee will not work for a 6ft tall employee," Challenor says. The best posture is to sit back in your chair, not perched at the front, with your back and shoulders supported by the back of the chair. It is imperative that you find out how to adjust your chair to maximize comfort. At Butler Business Products, we have a specialist who will come evaluate your chairs, desks and usage, while recommending changes to make your business day more comfortable and healthy. We offer this service free of charge for groups of 5 or more employees.  Feel free to contact us today to schedule your Ergonomics Class! Until then, stay tuned for the next update during which we will provide some solutions to bad posture and show you how to pick the right chair.

Working on the Go

Oh Hiya,
Meg here! Have you noticed that there are so many more offsite meetings during this time of year? I find myself always needing to be prepared for a meeting over lunch or for an offsite client presentation. In the rush of leaving for a meeting, it’s so easy to forget the essentials. To help, I’ve put together a little list of off-site must-haves to make any meeting or presentation run smoothly.

  1.      Pack a Bag- Just like keeping a bag ready for a weekend away, I find that having a bag ready for offsite meetings helps me stay prepared for anything. Be sure that the bag has plenty of space for a laptop, charger cord, and all other meeting essentials. When it comes to preparing for a meeting, I find that it’s better to be over stocked with supplies than to go without.

  2.      Bring Extra Energy- Technology is a wonderful thing when it comes to meetings but there are so many times when a little glitch can throw off the whole system. Make sure you’re prepared with extra power cords and of course, a spare set of batteries. I always keep a pack of Energizer Batteries in my bag for unexpected energy outages. Don’t forget a travel mug of coffee to keep your own energy levels high, as well!

  3.      Powerless Planning- Of course there are times when even a spare set of batteries may not solve a technology hang up. When tech fails, it pays to have a backup plan. I pack a spare set of notepads and pens in my travel bag for meeting note taking. When it comes to tech-free presentations, I rely on my Post-it Self Stick Dry Erase Film. I can’t always count on a venue to supply a dry-erase board, and this film certainly gets the job done without leaving behind a mess when the meeting is done.

  4.      Check It Twice- Before leaving for your off-site meeting, be sure that you’ve double and triple checked the items you’ll need. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your meeting only to find that your notebook is still at your desk!
For a few more helpful tips on organizing the perfect offsite meeting, take a look at what Meeting Tomorrow has to say. Happy planning!

Until next time,

The Year of the Chair, Part 1

Since the beginning of 2017, I’ve been doing some research. I stumbled upon a great article, “How the Wrong Houston Office Chair Will Ruin Your Workday”, that I would like to share with you!  Having hurt my back years ago, and again recently, I’ve decided to share some important information to help keep you healthy at work.  Here is the truth… We work for money! Plain and simple. We don’t show up at an office just because the bosses like our smiling faces. It is what we do to provide for our families and prepare for retirement. Most of us would not got to our jobs if we did not need to pay bills and save for the future. With that being said, the question now becomes; How can you go to work and be productive if you are injured?


Unique Ways to use Common Office Products

Oh Hiya,

Meg here, and I’ve been thinking a lot about multitasking. I’m sure that when you think of multi-tasking creativity, your everyday office supplies aren’t the first thought in your head. I’ve found some new, amazing ways to put those supplies to use.

Binder Clips: They may not look like a multi-purpose tool, but these handy clips are incredible when it comes to organizing cords and wires around your desk. By clipping them to the side of your desk and threading your charger cords, headphones, or internet cables through the handles, you’re able to keep every cord and cable in place.

Scotch Tape: Got a messy keyboard? Clean out stubborn crumbs with Scotch Magic Tape. Sometimes you don’t have keyboard cleaner on hand, but a roll of scotch tape is always nearby. Simply pull off a section of tape and slide it between the rows of keys to remove any unwanted dust or crumbs. So easy!

Post-It Notes: Sticky Notes are the ultimate multi-purpose tool! One of my favorite uses for my Post-it Super Sticky Notes is as a customizable calendar. I’ll always keep an eye on my desk calendar but when I need a little more space, I’ll just use sticky notes as an “expanded view” calendar on my office wall. Not only does it give me a more room to keep notes, I can easily count down the days by removing a note when the day has passed. You can easily customize your sticky-note calendar with different colors to match your style or the season.

Stapler: This tip may be specific to my favorite stapler! I use a Swingline Stapler and I absolutely love how it folds out to allow for temporary staples. My paperclips can get tangled and sometimes I need to keep a stack of papers organized. All I need to do is rotate the anvil of my stapler and voilà, I have an easy way to get temporary staples!

When it comes to multitasking with office supplies, all you need is a little creativity! There are so many wonderful ideas for making everyday items work for you. Take a look at a few more ingenious tips from Tiny Home Tour.

Until next time,
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