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About Our Founder

Ray Butler opened Butler Business Products in 1974 after spending his formative years working with Victor Comptometer. Ray incorporates Christian values, passion and dedication along with smart buying to insure his customers will always get the best deal and their needs are met.

Ray has always maximized his buying power by using Trimega Purchasing Association buying group to the utmost. He gets a great deal of pleasure out of telling the Trimega / BPGI (Business Products Group International) story, just ask him.

Ray’s motto is “YES WE CAN,” and he says that our job is to satisfy the customer and that is by every means necessary. Cheap and Can’t are two words not allowed to be spoken at Butler Business Products.

Ray and his employees enjoy a “Steak Dinner” night when the quota has been met for the quarter. Many steak dinners have been enjoyed. You can see the event pictures when visiting the office.

In 2013, Ray sold Butler Business Products to long time employee/manager Stacy Duke.  Ray still maintains a significant leadership role in the organization all while continuing to serve his loyal and satisfied customers.

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